Breakthrough Energy Ventures – Europe


To reach a zero-emission future, we need new models of investing in clean energy innovation. Together, governments and investors can help scientists and entrepreneurs innovate, scale, and sell the next generation of low-carbon technologies.

Breakthrough Energy Ventures (BEV) is a private fund that invests in promising companies as they take great ideas from lab to market. The European Commission (EC) is a worldwide leader in establishing climate targets and supporting clean energy research and development. The two came together in May 2019 to create Breakthrough Energy Ventures-Europe (BEV-E): a first-of-a kind €100 million pilot fund that will invest in groundbreaking technologies to decarbonize every part of the modern economy. Half of the equity will come from BEV; the other half will come from InnovFin, the EC’s financing tool for pioneering research and innovation.

This novel partnership connects patient, flexible private-sector investors who know how to build strong companies with a public sector committed to cutting-edge research and development. BEV-E will work with Europe’s robust public clean-energy innovation ecosystem to get successful projects up and running as quickly as possible.

The result? More innovation, better products, and world-class companies that can deploy radically new low-carbon solutions around the world—and deliver significant and lasting reductions in greenhouse-gas emissions.

BEV-E is eager to support Europe’s best clean energy innovators as they accelerate the transformation of the energy economy, in the EU and around the globe.

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In partnership with the European Commission, executed by the European Investment Bank