Breakthrough Energy Ventures


Breakthrough Energy Ventures is an investor-led fund focused on building the new, cutting-edge companies that will deliver on that promise. Our strategy links government-funded research to patient, risk-tolerant capital so that more transformative clean energy innovations get to market faster.

Investment Criteria

When the Fund was created, we established four core criteria for investment.

  1. Climate Impact

    Due to the massive scale of human energy consumption, progress in small increments isn’t enough. We will only invest in technologies with the potential to reduce at least half a gigaton of greenhouse gases every year, about 1 percent of projected 2050 global emissions.

  2. Other Investors

    We do not have the resources to solve the entire global energy challenge on our own. We will only invest in companies that we believe can ultimately attract additional investment from investors.

  3. Scientific Possibility

    Because the time to market in clean tech is so long, it is important to vet projects carefully at an early stage. We will only invest in projects that our technologists deem scientifically feasible at scale.

  4. Filling the Gaps

    Clean tech is a somewhat neglected space, but certain aspects of it have attracted significant interest already. We will focus on areas and on enterprises to which we can add value through our patience, flexibility, and global network.