There are innovative advancements happening all around the world, and we should be sharing—and learning from—those stories of success. At the same time, we need to be realistic about where we are missing opportunities.

Averting the worst effects of climate change will require focus on building the markets and policy environment for the type of transition that brings us closer to solving the problem. Yet, climate change is incredibly complex, and there is insufficient information explaining the drivers and possible ways of tackling it. These factors can often make it difficult for policymakers and activists to know which interventions will have the greatest impact.

Breakthrough Energy has a unique set of investors, corporations, institutions, and government partners – each with their own experiences, perspectives, and role in shaping our global energy future. We will be publishing insights here on where we see that future headed, and how leaders in the private sector, government, and philanthropy can work better—and work together—to speed up the cycle of energy innovation.

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