Powering the Way Ahead

Delivering reliable, affordable, zero-carbon energy to the world.

The most important step we can take to prevent the impacts of climate change is to find reliable, affordable sources of power that can be used by people around the world without emitting greenhouse gases. We should continue to deploy the tools we already have today to reduce emissions in the electric system, but we also need to find innovative solutions that improve upon what we have today and to develop completely new sources of low-carbon electricity. At the same time, we also need to find new and better ways of transmitting, controlling, and storing that electricity.

Technical Quests

Much of the work that could be done with electricity involves significantly reducing costs and improving quality of technologies already in use, some for a long time. Some of it, however, requires the invention of new kinds of power sources or ways to keep the waste we produce now from entering the atmosphere.

What makes an investment viable? We have 4 criteria for vetting our ventures.