Breakthrough Energy Ventures – Europe


We need new models of public-private cooperation to support early-stage innovation, scale new technologies, and build world-class companies that can deploy low-carbon solutions globally.

The European Commission (EC) has been a leader in establishing climate targets and supporting clean energy research and development, which is why, in 2018, the European Commission  and Breakthrough Energy came together to create a pilot investment vehicle to accelerate climate technology solutions: Breakthrough Energy Ventures-Europe (BEV-E). Over the past several months, the European Commission and Breakthrough Energy have worked to establish BEV-E, which officially launched in May 2019. BEV-E is a €100 million pilot fund that will invest in breakthrough clean energy technologies and leading innovators in Europe. Half of the equity will come from Breakthrough Energy Ventures and the other half from InnovFin – risk-sharing financial instruments funded through Horizon 2020, the European Union’s current research and innovation program.

BEV-E will allow the European Commission, which is funding cutting-edge research and development, to partner with Breakthrough Energy Ventures, patient and flexible private-sector investors who know how to build companies well. BEV-E hopes to connect with Europe’s robust public clean energy ecosystem so that successful projects can be deployed much faster.

We look forward to working with Europe’s best clean energy innovators.


In collaboration with the European Commission